Our History

After decades living in Germany, we returned to Turkey 20 years ago. Upon our return, we began our life-long dream to build a trout farm at the feet of the Taurus Mountains in southwest Turkey (the antic Lykia region). Fresh water from the high atop the springs of the Taurus Mountains provides the best conditions to harvest the finest trout of unparalleled quality.

Far away from any industry and in the midst of an unspoiled natural landscape, we harvested our first trout in 1997 just 30 km away from the renowned city of Fethiye. Shortly after, we successfully harvested our first American Rainbow trout. With great fortune, the trout farm continually expandedand is nowa well-known modern trout production site in Turkey. Our trout farm currently has the capacity to harvest up to 2,000 tons of rainbow trout a year. Besides our customers in Turkey, we are proud to have customers in Europe (Germany and Poland) and in the United States.

We love the nature. It is a passion to see how vibrant, colourful and impressive our nature is. At the same time we know nature can be vulnerable. As a result, we place a high premium on maintaining a pristine environment. Our preeminent goal is to maintain this environment and establish an ecologically sustainable trout farm. We are proud to notify our customers that our production site is Global G.A.P. and IFS certified. Our products meet HACCP and ISO22000 standards. We guarantee the best and freshest quality trout and ensure that all of our produce fulfils very our high standards.

As our trout farm has developed, we have been successful in perfecting our environmentally friendly process from the fertilization of eggs to spawning to the maturation of the trout.

In time, we decided to implement a fully integrated system – from hatchery to production until processing – in order to provide the best produce in Turkey, Europe, and the United States. At expositions in Brussels, Boston and Tokyo we emphasize the strategic idea of expanding our resources and means.

Since 2011 we have produced the finest smoked trout using a traditional German smoke process. We built an efficient processing site using the Altonaer Oven, where our trout are smoked slowly and gently with a variety of different woods and several traditional recipes. Today we sell these smoked trout to numerous clients in Germany. Our premium products can be found in the finest delicatessens in Germany.

The continual development of our environmentally sustainable trout harvests includes the production of caviar, boneless trout, big Salmon trout and a variety of innovative fish delicacies such as spreads and marinated fish.

In December 2015, we transitioned from a limited to a stock company. Mr. Halil Sahingöz, the founder, is proud of how the company has evolved. The shareholders includethe founder’s daughter, Seyran Jakoby and his son-in-law Alexander Jakoby. We are proud to have our friend, Mete Karakaya, as a shareholder and managing director. In the future, we hope to see our daughter Selina – which we named the company after and developed the idea when she was born in 1997 – and her siblings as the third generation of active innovators to continue the family tradition.

We love nature and our family and friends. These are paramount and we will always strive for excellence.